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Foam Insulation

South Carolina and Northeast Georgia Foam Insulation

foam insulation
When it comes to your comfort and budget, don’t go to anyone but the best. Foam insulation is our specialty at Comfort Zone Foam Insulation LLC, and we provide installation services for commercial properties and residences all over the Columbia region. We offer high-quality closed-cell polyurethane foam for the areas of your building that require the highest energy efficiency as well as effective, cost-efficient open-cell polyurethane foam that is well-suited to roofs, exterior walls and floors.
Our foam installation is guaranteed to be trouble free, with none of the hassle that often comes with major renovation projects. Let our courteous, responsive team of professionals assist you with a stress-free installation.

There are numerous reasons you should consider installing foam insulation:

Lower Your Energy Costs

Foam insulation is a highly efficient means of reducing your energy costs. Reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems and see an immediate difference in your power bills. The cost of insulation will pay for itself in no time.

Protect Your Property and Health

Foam insulation offers protection from moisture, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth in your building. Because mold can seriously damage structures and mildew triggers allergies, using a type of insulation that also keeps your space dry is important.

Control Noise

Effective soundproofing is another attractive benefit of foam insulation, leaving you free to relax in your home or focus in your place of business without distraction from passing traffic, footsteps overhead, or the noisy dog down the block.

Reduce Dust

Foam insulation creates less irritating dust than other methods of insulation, allowing you to create a more comfortable, healthier home or workplace.
If you are planning a new construction project or a renovation of your existing Columbia, South Carolina, property, take advantage of all that foam insulation or fiberglass cellulose has to offer. Call the friendly team at Comfort Zone Foam Insulation LLC today at 803-345-0681.